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are getting ready for the crowd. here at civic center plaza is where the rally will take place after the parade. now the ceremony in front of city hall may be too far for some people to see so they'll be able to watch it on this 30- foot screen. >> congratlations to the giants. >> reporter: here on market street this east bay couple was on an exploratory mission. seeking a good spot for the parade. >> we'll probably get up at 4:30, get on b.a.r.t. by 5:00 and get here to get a spot. >> reporter: this foodstand is closing after breakfast. >> it's part of the celebration. i'll be standing here so i can see the giants. >> i think we're going to get a lot of people just asking for
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direction and bathroom and the usual, yeah. so hopefully we will get some halloween sales. >> reporter: at city hall much of the planning has centered around security. at the giant's vick treu parade two years ago, 1 million people attended and by all accounts it went smoothly -- at the giant's victory parade two years ago. but after the giant's win there was vandalism. >> there will be officers in the crowd and securing civic center. >> let's take a day to relax, reflect and celebrate our heros. >> reporter: back live at civic center plaza in front of the giant tv screen. so the stage is still being set for what figures to be a giant celebration. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now ability getting to the giant's parade. b.a.r.t. will operate like it's rush hour with trains all day but
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you should still expect long lines and crowded trains. b.a.r.t. officials are urging passengers buy your ticket or load your ticker card before parade day. the lurksburg and salsalito ferry will be running extra boats. richard caranza said every day and every minute of instruction counts so we encourage families to make sure their child is in school and ready to learn. the district says students cannot afford to lose any more class time. if you can't make it to the parade in person, ktvu has you covered. our parade coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning on channel 2. we will also stream the parade live on and mobile ktvu. san francisco city leaders say they will prosecute and seek monetary damages for the people responsible for sunday night's mayhem. >> we want to send a really
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clear message that we will prosecute every one of those cases presented to us and the evidence is there. we will prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: the district attorney's office is working on eight criminal cases following sunday night's unrest. this is a muni bus set on fire by vandals. the city plans to prosecute vandals civilly for the cause of sunday's damage. the district attorney and police officers at today's press conference could not confirm if one of the eight suspects in custody is the person who set the numi bus on fire. they are aware of photos circulating on social media like this photo sent to us by a viewer. we're told it set at an intersection. the 37-year-old victim told his roommate he was jumped by five people while celebrating the
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giant's victory on sunday night some where between masonic avenue. the victim was hit in the head several times with a metal object. the bomb squad investigated a suspicious package. a suspicious suitcase. the that suitcase was found in a tree on stewart street just before 11:30, a shelter in place was issued for the ferry building and streets were shut down for hours. it took the bomb squad about four hours to determine that that suitcase was harmless and authorities then reopened the streets at about 3:30 today. we have some developing news now out of the of the east bay. the contra costa county jail is on lock down following the death of an inmate. a sheriff's department inmate said the intake area of the jail is shut down during this investigation. so far authorities have not released any details on the person who died or the cause of death. the disney company announced today it is buying
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marin based lucas film in a block buster $4 billion deal. video of film maker george lucas signing the deal was posted on you tube. disney will own lucas film production companies as well as rights to the indiana jones series. the biggest prize may be the star wars franchise. disney says a new star wars movie is already in development due to come out in 2015. now to the east coast where a deadly super storm caused even more devastation today. we have live team coverage. our chief meteorologist bill martin is live with the efforts by pg & e to restore power to businesses and homes. we begin with john fowler. >> reporter: the death toll has jumped to at least 48. 6million people without power and many more problems still
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ahead. water is the problem. these pictures just in from new jersey. crews this afternoon still searching for survivors. early this morning three towns submerged. >> we lost everything right now. never thought it would happen like this though. >> reporter: the wind driven atlantic crashed through coastal communities, damage may top $20 billion. mile upon mile of beach front destroyed. including the famed atlantic city boardwalk. and asbury boardwalk turned to jumbled timbers. in queens new york as many as 100 homes destroyed including a correct congressman's by an explosive overnight fire -- including a congressmans by an explosive overnight fire. 260 patients including newborns were evacuated by one hospital when generators failed.
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thousands of uprooted trees, smashed roofs and crushed cars. >> this is not over i'm sure we have more weather to deal with. hopefully people will be able to stay safe until we can get to the other side of the storm. >> reporter: the blizzard in the appalachian dumped almost 3 feet of snow. reporting live, john fowler ktvu news. speaking of those cancelled flights, they're having an impact on the bay area. across the country, more than 7,000 flights in all were cancelled today. jfk in new york may reopen tomorrow. we saw a number of travelers camping out at sfo today hoping to be on the first flight out of the bay area. there have been a few cancellations today at the bay area's two mayor airports, two jet blue flights were cancelled -- major airports, two jet blue
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flights were cancelled today. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm as it barrels through the east coast. in about 10 minutes we're going to check in with him to see where it's headed next and when conditions are expected to improve. pg & e crews are offering their help to homes and businesses affected by the storm. new at 6:00, tom vacar is live now at mather field in sacramento county where crews are headed east, tom. >> reporter: it began just after midnight descending of thousands of trucks and 150 crew members to help reenergize the east coast, part of a massive crusade to send help. bigger trucks too tall to haul on trailers will be driven,
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small trucks will be trailered. several mechanic trucks are following closely behind. >> we will keep them running and we'll repair hopefully everything that goes wrong and keep all safety aspects in check where they do belong. >> reporter: we'll all be there and working two days from now. >> those people are over head and under ground maintenance and construction crews. >> we're putting two people in a cab and basically driving 24/7 to get across the unite. we will have variances to help facilitate that. >> reporter: the damage back there is so extensive that they're going to move all of this equipment all the way across the country let alone all of the other equipment coming from everywhere else. >> the nice part about it we all have similar equipment, we all talk the same language and we make sure the equipment gets to the right place. >> reporter: they'll be welcomed with open armed. >> people are looking for any help, for any hope. for anything to help them get their life back to normal. >> and our storm watch coverage
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continues on, just look for the super storm sandy tab right on our home page. two sisters are home from the hospital and in good shape after being hit by a mini van just outside their school. the girls were struck just after their mother dropped them off this morning on four oaks lane. the girls are six and 9 years old. they apparently darted through traffic to get to mount diablo elementary school ignoring signs that said no crossing. the driver stopped and is cooperating with authorities. some unusually aggressive racoons in this city park what may have sparked some recent attacks and the warning going out tonight. >> and i'm back here in just about 10 minutes we're going right to your halloween forecast because there's some rain coming. we're going to let you know which areas see the most. >> some bay area activists fight for their right to bare it all. the protest that grabbed a lot
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of attention today. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
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a proposed ban on public nudity draw a small group of protesters. he says he has received scores of complaints about naked people in the castro district. the áf. a northern california grocery store chain trying to avoid a strike told employees the company is losing millions of the dollars a year. raley's employs about 13,000 people with stores in california and nevada. raley's management says 40 of their stores are losing money so they want to freeze employee
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wages and eliminate premium pay for sunday shifts. the employee union organized a strike yesterday. polls have shown a steady decline for the income tax initiative. the governor has faced criticism. opponents of prop 30 say their message remains the same. >> our message is simply that you can't trust the politicians with a $50 million slush fund to spend on anything they want. we all want better schools but prop 30 is not the answer. voters who registered online in several northern california counties say they're yellow registration card has not arrived. sacramento, yolo, solano an stanislaus appear to have lagged in sending out those
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cards. there are new accusations against the california assemblyman cleared of dui charges in contra costa county last month. an unidentified woman filed a protective order against assemblyman roger hernandez on sunday. west covina police say hernandez and the woman had an argument at a restaurant. the san gabriel valley tribune says the woman claims that hernandez hit her in july. the lawyer involved in a high profile lawsuit against facebook now says he wants off the case. the attorney for paul seglia says he is owed half of facebook based on a contract with mark zuckerberg. seglia was arrested after
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authorities said seglia fabricated the evidence. eric rasmussen reports that a neighbor may have. >> reporter: neighbors may have been feeding them. in recent weeks neighbors tell us a man and his dog were badly injured when a racoon attacked them on a morning walk. visitors to san francisco's palace of art have caught a glimpse of the racoons. >> i've seen them playing on the rock. >> i know two of the three people who were attacked by racoons in the last two months. >> reporter: san francisco's recreation and park department began putting up these warning signs after a neighborhood meeting where residents described a series of attacks including one early morning encounter when a baby racoon
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the áf the áf jumped out of this -- racoon the -- racoon jumped out of a tree. >> every time i walk by that sign i'm thinking what would i do if a racoon showed up if i'm walking around here. am i going to be fast enough to grab my kid and get him out of the way. >> have you seen any racoons out here today? >> not at all. >> reporter: most of the sightings are after dark. special bear proof garbage cans are also in order. and they've contacted a neighbor who had been feeding animals at the park and asked her to stop. >> definitely don't need to be feeding the wildlife that's been throughout history since you know yosemite had bears. >> reporter: some neighbors told me they want these racoons removed. animal control insists that's not something it's legally allowed to do. we're live here in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. california parol officers are gearing up to make sure halloween is a safe one for children. this is the 19th year of
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operation boo. officers will be monitoring registered sex offenders to make sure they're complying with their parol on halloween night. >> they're not allowed to give out candy, to have their lights on or to have any kind of halloween decorations. if they do they could be arrested for it. the department of corrections says it will also be opening curfew centers where officer k-s supervise the cig any -- officers can supervise the significant number of sex offenders. live storm tracker 2 shows sandy stretching south almost to atlanta. it's going to start to drift north toward canada. for the next 24 hours it's going to raise havoc in all of these areas and all these areas many of them have big airports. so travel plans tomorrow will be impacted as they were today.
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maybe not quite as impactful but pretty darn close. that big storm continues to sit out there. it's going to track north up into canada as we go into tomorrow evening and then again into thursday morning. these were the highs from today. it was kind of chilly, we had dense fog like we had the morning before, they had that dense fog advisory. this morning i think we're going to see it again tomorrow morning. we had reports of really dense fog out in daily city. the mechanisms are there, here's the problem, this low pressure comes in. cloudy all day tomorrow, this thing gets close to us tomorrow evening. and showers begin tomorrow late afternoon say 4:00, 5:00 in the north bay. and they work their way south through the bay area proper 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. here's the forecast model and it has changed it's about three hours quicker than it was last night. maybe four hours quicker with the rain. let's watch it. this is the system we're tracking, of course we're focusing on halloween because everybody is out.
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you don't want wet roadways or what have you. 9:00a.m. tomorrow morning, the parade rout goes off. not a problem. here we are at 4:00 p.m. it's game on for santa rosa, petaluma and everybody south it's just cloudy. the heart of the system rolls right through the bay area. it weakness greatly. heaviest rain in the roadway. then around 8:00, 9:00 it stretches across the bay. you notice san jose a lot of you folks are going to stay dry or should stay dry in that late hour. most people are done trick or treating by 10:30. there's going to be wet conditions especially north of redwood city and into the santa rosa area. i'm going to come back tonight. this has been changing a little bit each run. as it stands now halloween we have showers in the forecast especially north of hayward and fremont. your five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view there it is. the parade, that's great.
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thank gosh for that. halloween that's a tough one because i know the kids you have a lot to do. we're expecting to hear from a representative about the studio's future. >> also we continue to follow the track of that east coast super storm and the impact from massive damage from the jersey shore. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. he stole a base for free tacos and today the giant's own angel pagan was out serving them as well. we're going to show you what happened coming up in sports.
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all right mark is here now, giants have not had a lot of down time and especially one player in particular. >> yeah, they got angel pagan out and about in the community today. preparade activities for that one giant in particular. the giant center fielder helping to distribute free tacos. >> all right, welcome to taco bell can i take your order.
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>> can you imagine pulling up and getting him to take your order not bad. hundreds of fans lining up for free tacos in redwood city and a few met pagan who earned america their free tacos today. it was a taco bell promotion. pagan not only took orders he made a taco as well. he said he was just happy to give a little back. >> great opportunity for me to get something going. i scored but after that, my agent called me and told me that it was a very important one because i just won tacos for everybody in the united states. so i feel happy. i feel happy that i brought everybody together in the united states and it's a great moment for all america. >> frank said why does he have glasses on. he's angel pagan he can do anything he wants, he's cool. 49ers really in their final moments of having to take a backseat to the giants.
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won't be under the radar much longer with a near flawless performance. coach harbaugh in his brief time as head coach as always manages to coin a phrase. after smith completed 18 of 19 for three touchdowns coach kind of came up with another one. >> i don't think there was ever a question there. i think it's just a lot of gobble, gobble turkey you know by just gobble gobble turkey from giant turkey gobblers. you know, that paints a pretty good picture. he's a very confident guy. >> i think they were talking about the media there. gobble, gobble turkeys that's the sporting life for right now. the mba will start tonight. gobble, gobble turkey has to be the quote of the year. >> i think he was cracking
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himself up. >> nobody asked him if he was confident. he is. >> the problem of trusting price tags at outlet malls. >> bargain shoppers could be getting a little less than they bargain for. as always, thank you for trusting ktvu news.
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